Home Made Happiness

I think is it often the small things that bring happiness to our everyday lives.

For me, putting my mug of tea on a pretty coaster makes me smile.

I made some coasters recently and have scattered them all over house. My Mum even has some in her bedroom now.

Making your own pretty coasters is pretty simple. If you have a machine its quick too, but you could also make these all by hand.


Firstly cut out your squares. I used 7cm squares here, which included a 1cm seam allowance on all sides.

I was making a lot of coasters, so I had quite a stack of squares.  Apparently cutting out squares caused me to lose any photographic ability I might ever have had. Sorry ’bout the lighting, it doesn’t do this fabric justice .


Then you want to pair up your squares and sew them together, with the pretty side of the fabric facing each other.


Then you’ll end up with lots of these flappy things



Grab two of the flappy things, open them up, and with the right sides of the fabric facing each other line up the middle seam so they meet precisely. This is important as it make a huge difference to the finished quality of the coaster. Sew them together.

You should end up with something that looks like these. Congratulations, you’ve already made the top of the coaster!


Now you’ll need a square of back fabric ( I used linen) and some batting to put in the middle of your coaster.

I measured mine, but you could just use your coaster top as a template. You’ll then need to layer the three squares, the batting on the bottom, then the backing fabric and the coaster top. Make sure the right sides of your coaster top and bottom are facing each other.


Then sew all round the edge, leaving a gap along one side, approx 4-5cm wide.


Turn your coaster out, using the gap you left.


And you’ll end up with this!

I did say I was making quite a few….



Slip stitch up the gap and you’re good to go.

Ellie loves simplicity…. if you want to make this even quicker, then just use one piece of pretty fabric for the top.

I also made some plain linen coasters to try and do some pretty quilting on.

And now I think it is time for a peppermint tea, which happens to be my favourite right now.  What is your favourite tea? I’m looking for new flavours to try!


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