Real Techniques Brushes

Using the right tool for the job.

Real Techniques Make-up BrushesP1020963

Make up brushes are expensive. Whilst I’m sure we’d all love to go and buy a full collection of Mac brushes tomorrow, it would cost a fortune and for most people would take a long time to build up a reasonable collection.

Cheap brushes are awful. In my experience, the brushes you get free with make-up, or in those sets with the sparkly plastic handles (you know the kind I’m talking about!)  are terrible. They are scratchy, loose, and unfit for purpose.

Cue: Real Techniques.

Hello affordable, beautiful brushes.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Real T

I picked some Real Techniques brushes a while back now, and I have to give them a big THUMBS UP.

I originally purchased the stippling brush and the core collection which includes a buffing brush, a contour brush, a pointed foundation brush and a detailer brush.

P1020917All of the brushes are really soft, and applying my make-up with them is a dream. I haven’t experienced any fall out yet, and having washed them with baby shampoo many times, they always come up like new because of their synthetic fibres.

My favourite brush? So far it has to be the stippling brush, which I use to apply my liquid foundation.

I really recommend these brushes, they’re very affordable, functional and even look good on my dressing table. One thing I’m not a fan of though has to be the case the core collection comes with. It’s not a problem, I just won’t use it, it feels a bit cheap and really isn’t needed. But don’t let that detract you from these brushes, they are a firm favourite for me and I already have some more in the post ready to try out!

Real Techniques Core Collection


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