Eyelash Curlers: What not to use!

I am lucky enough to have long eyelashes, but they are straight, not curled at all.

Even if I am having a ‘no make-up day’, I will often still curl my lashes as I really like the look and it takes almost no time at all.

I had always used metal eyelash curlers until recently, when they cut my lashes off!! I was using just a standard pair of eyelash curlers and had already done one eye when I moved on to the other. I used the curlers as I usually did, but when I looked down, there were short hairs on my table 😦Picture1

Needless to say, I was devastated. It has taken a long time to grow them back ( this happened 2 months ago and they are still not quite there) and I will certainly not be using metal curlers EVER again. But I did still want curled lashes, so I researched and found these plastic ones made by Tweezerman.


I feel much more comfortable using these, as there is no metal that can meet and slice off my precious lashes.


I did find them harder to use at first, as they are different to the ones I was used to. There are no bars at the end of the cushion, but this means that you have more freedom to curl your end lashes, knowing they wont get caught in the mechanism.

Remember to curl your lashes before your mascara, otherwise they’ll just be kinky!

This is a pointless photo of me curling my lashes.

Have you ever had eyelash curler issues? I can’t be the only one!


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