Christmas Candle

P1030558I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Now that I’ve got that out there, and you know that I’m one of those excited-to-early types, let’s continue.

I was in M & S a couple of weeks ago and picked up a couple of these candles on a whim. I had previously been sniffing all the ones in T K Maxx and couldn’t find any I liked.


However, this Warm Winter Citrus Candle from Marks and Spencer smells delicious. It isn’t too sweet, which I disliked in many of the candles I had been previously sniffing, but still smells wonderfully Christmassy. I like the slightly spicy scent, but the citrus means it isn’t overwhelming.

It has a burn time of approximately 20 hours, and I’m very glad I picked up 2 as my first is almost used up!


What Christmas candles are you burning at the moment? 

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