Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

cand mountain2

candy mountain

I used The Godmother soap from Lush throughout the entire first year I was at University and it kept my room and bathroom smelling lovely the whole year. Every time I go into Lush, I have to stop and smell that soap and it takes me right back to my little room in Aberystwyth every time. 

When I last went in to Lush to pick up some gifts from their Christmas range, I got the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar as a little treat for myself. It smells very similar to The Godmother soap  and has been remodeled this year to this shimmery pink and white mountain.



I crumbled it under running water and it turned my bath water wonderfully pink and glittery. I had hoped for a few more bubbles from this product, but I’m willing to overlook that because it smelled so yummy. Lush products come from a company with a strong ethical stance: no animal testing, reducing packaging as far as possible and using ethically sourced ingredients. You can’t help but want to support businesses like that.


I’m definitely going to be repurchasing  this if I get to  Lush before Christmas, but until then I’m using their Snow Fairy shower gel to enjoy the sweet scent.



Which of the Lush Christmas collection have you been loving this year?

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