Shattered Face Case by Urban Decay – A travel-sized box of happiness?

I hope you have all had a lovely fun-filled Christmas. I received many wonderful gifts this year and feel very lucky.



I got myself this Urban Decay Shattered Face Case as a little pay-day treat to myself a couple of months back and I’m so glad I did. I originally was looking for a new blush, but when I was talking to an assistant at Debenham’s she suggested this and I pounced on it.

I regularly spend the weekend away from home, most often because I’m visiting my boyfriend who lives in Wales, and I like to pack my everyday make-up along with some other bits in case we go out for drinks or a meal. I have found this little case very useful for my little trips and now I find my self reaching for it almost everyday, though often for different parts of it.


The case is nicely packaged and contains two layers. The top layer contains a full-size Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in the shade ‘Lovechild‘, a travel-size 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in’ Zero’ and five eye shadows. The shadows are ‘Shakedown’, ‘Remix’, ‘Nameless’, ‘Minor Sin’ and ‘Bleach’. I love that the shadows can be used for a variety of looks, and I think the colour choices are really lovely. As you would expect from Urban Decay, they apply and blend beautifully.


On the second layer of the case are two blushes, a peachy one ‘Overexposed’ and a brighter, pinker shade ‘Temper’ along with ‘Glint’ as a highlighter and you can also access the lip gloss from this layer. The blushes are my favourite thing about this palette as I think the colours match my skin tone really well and they are matte (I’m not a massive fan of shimmery blushes).

The only disappointment in this case is the highlighter. I found it didn’t apply very well and it just felt like I was putting glitter on my face rather than the subtle shimmer I get from my favourite highlighters. The flecks of glitter are far to big, and I felt like a glitter fairy when I put it on.

The case is fairly robust and closes securely, something I really value when travelling as no one want to unpack and find they’ve got a bag of crumbled make-up. I’m also really pleased with the useful mirrors on each layer.

All in all, this case gets a thumbs-up from me, but I’ll be avoiding the highlighter.The case has been really useful when travelling but would also work to transform quickly from day-to-night make-up.  I also think it is really well-priced at £30.

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