Benefit Stay Don’t Stray

I have really bad under eye circles. Maybe I don’t get enough sleep, maybe I don’t get enough sunshine, or maybe I was just born that way. Whatever the cause, I want to them to disappear.

Benefit Stay Don't Stray

I of course use under eye concealers, but to get rid of my dark circles, it takes heavy stuff, which I don’t really like using everyday. This primer has made such a difference, it really helps concealers stay put, essential for someone with oily skin like me.

Benefit Stay Don't Stray

Benefit Stay Don't Stray

Benefit Stay Don't Stray

Benefit’s Stay don’t Stray was included in one of their popular mini-sets that I had and I loved it so much I went and got the full size before I’d even finished the miniature one.

I use this product as its directs you to; pretty much over my entire eye area. I think it is fairly unusual in that it is an eye primer that you can use under the eye as well as on the eyelid. It is thinner than most eye primers, but it is my preference for everyday wear.

The consistency is like a very runny concealer. I use the applicator to dot the product around my eye and then using my ring fingers, I very gently pat it all over the eye area. I use my regular under-eye concealer over the top after a few minutes, when the product is dry.  Stay Don’t Stray really does help my concealer stay in place and also does some concealing itself, helping me look more human and less ghostly.

I find this does keep my eye shadow in place for most of the day, but not as well as other primers like those from Urban Decay. I do have very oily eyelids though, so if you have drier skin you might find it lasts much longer. It is a shame this product only comes in two shades, as it really limits who can use it. Currently it is only available in light/medium (which I use) and medium/dark, which completely disregards so many skin tones. Please make some more shades, Benefit!

All in all, this product has been a permanent addition to my make-up bag and I don’t see that changing any time soon!

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7 thoughts on “Benefit Stay Don’t Stray

  1. One of my biggest frustrations is the lack of shade ranges that so many brands produce. I’m always glad when blogs mention the range of shades available, as I so often hear raving reviews about a product, only to go to buy it and find that my skin tone is just not catered for. So it’s great when bloggers give me a heads up on the shade situation! x

    1. I’m really pale and find many brands are too orange. I don’t think this product would need as many shades as a foundation, for example, because it is only a primer and blends really well. But to have just two is a bit shocking and unaccommodating.
      Are there any brands you particularly like because of their range of shades?

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