Pretty Tote Bags and Pretty Nails

tote bags

tote bags hanging

Being a bit of an environmentalist (I work for an environmental charity and studied biology/environmental science at uni), I almost always have a reusable bag of some kind in my handbag. More than likely, it is a tote like one of these! Apart from being better for the environment than single-use plastic carrier bags, they look better too!

tote bags

tote bag

handmade tote bagsPlease excuse the uncoordinated mess of cushions: I’m in the process of re-covering them all. 

I made these relatively quickly on my sewing machine with different fabrics. I like having bags like these as they’re strong and I know I can just throw them in the washing machine if they are a bit dirty, and they’ll come up like new.

They really are quite simple to make. If you can sew a straight line on a machine then you could probably make this!


nail polish

Also, here is my nail colour at the moment. It’s the shade rose petal from the Maxfactor Glossfinity range, and I’m really loving it at the moment. I painted my thumb with Models Own sterling silver polish. I love having an accent nail and usually use my ring finger but I think its nice to mix it up a little and have my thumbs in a different colour instead. these nail polishes are awesome, I picked up the Maxfactor on a bit of a whim some time ago but its really good quality.


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