Fun Valentine’s Day Date Ideas!

Valentine’s day is just over a week away! Personally, I love Valentine’s Day because it’s an excuse to spend some lovely quality time together (although I hate all the soppy cards – they make me cringe!). The bf and I don’t really exchange gifts, but rather treat ourselves to something together and spend some quality time together doing things we enjoy. At university we’d treat ourselves to a meal out at a posh restaurant but this year we’ve booked a cottage in the countryside for the weekend!

I’ve collected some things we like doing together as an alternative to paying for an over-priced meal. So here they are, six ideas for fun, romantic Valentine’s Day dates.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

I don’t think these really require much explanation. They can be as expensive or budget-friendly as you would like, the most important thing is that you smile :). I like to keep things quite simple with the cooking idea – you want to spend time together, not worry about a deflated soufflé! However, I do think little touches go a long way to make something special – if you’re going for a walk why not pack some hot chocolate in a flask to share at the end, or light lots of candles whilst you enjoy your indoor picnic.

 I think we’ll be doing most of these on our weekend away – check back in a couple of weeks for photos of what we get up to!

I’d love to know what you’re doing this Valentine’s Day – tell me your plans in the comments!

Ellie ❤


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