Barry M Nail Polishes

Barry M nail polish

Barry M Raspberry and Cappucino

Barry M Raspberry and Cappucino

I just got back from a lovely long weekend in North Yorkshire. Before I went, I was desperate to get some red nail polish for Valentine’s Day, and having asked for recommendations on Twitter, some of you suggested I tried Barry M ‘Raspberry‘.

I really, really love the fruity colour, and it is a lovely alternative to a more traditional red polish shade. I’ve been wearing it all weekend, but have now switched it for ‘Cappucino‘, also by Barry M which I purchased at the same time. I’m really loving these colours right now. I usually prefer a formula which isn’t quite a thick as these are quite ‘gloopy’ on the scale of nail polishes, but for the price you’d be hard pushed to find better polishes!

What colour nails are you wearing right now?


p.s Check back tomorrow to see what I got up to on my weekend away!


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