Hauling for Summer :)

Hey hey hey you lovely people. It’s been a little while. No apologies here, just a big fat HELLO AGAIN.

I’ve been doing a little shopping lately (no change there). Here is what I got from ASOS and Boots.Boots Haul

ASOS green skater skirtASOS Dress
ASOS green skater skirtASOS heart bagASOS bikiniASOS bikiniASOS bikini

Boots: I had a little trip to Boots and walked out with far more than I planned. Having put a few things in the basket for a friend’s present, I also treated myself. I haven’t had a glass nail file before and decided it was high time I got one and I needed some new tweezers too, having only bought fairly cheap ones before I got these Tweezerman ones which come in a little case for travelling which is very handy indeed as I’m often away for the weekend in Wales.

For Daily Youth moisturiser from Soap and Glory was a repurchase, it smells like peach yoghurt and my face loves it. The Essie nail polish in Status Symbol was a little treat and I think I’ll be wearing this a LOT this spring/summer, I’ve got it on right now in fact.  I also got the Supercat liquid black eye-liner from Soap and Glory, mostly because I don’t have one of these felt tip style eye-liner and wanted to try it. From first impressions it’s really good and very black, but expect some more about that in another post. 

ASOS: The dress is from Mango and is really lovely, however it’s is very thin so I’m planning on wearing this on holiday. I really love this green skater skirt and can’t wait to wear it. Its a nice weight and if I could have one of these in every colour, I would!

I fell in love with the heart shaped bag and it was the main reason for my order, seriously can’t wait to use it, but I think it is more of summer bag so I’m waiting a little while. This bikini was in the sale and is really unique. The blue colour isn’t something I’d usually go for but the detailing on the back of the top made me instantly add it to my bag.

As I’m off on my holidays soon (last minute trip to Turkey booked!) I’m desperately in need of some pretty flip flops and other summer essentials (although I think I’m set for dresses). Let me know of any you see!

Are you going on holiday this year? I’m so excited to be reunited with the sun!


7 thoughts on “Hauling for Summer :)

      1. You can take me into account also:D I have 150! But as spring comes I change on something a little moe alive color:D

  1. Eeep! I love my tweezerman tweezers. Mine were a gift and absolutely changed the way I feel about plucking my eyebrows. It’s not a chore like it was with cheap tweezers.

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