Holiday in Turkey – Part 1


It's 5 o' clock somewhere.

I love these shorts

Holiday lift selfie!

Liberty Hotels Lara

Pool at Liberty Hotels Lara

This is part one of my holiday photos and all these are taken in and around the hotel. We had an absolutely lovely time at Liberty Hotels Lara on Lara Beach, near Antalya in Turkey. It was booked pretty last-minute which I really liked as it made it even more exciting! The hotel was fantastic, and I could talk to you about the food there all day long. This was the first ever time I have stayed in an all-inclusive hotel(!) and I wouldn’t think twice about returning. We just wanted a holiday where we could really just relax for a week, and we definitely chose the right place.

The lifts in this place were amazing, and a blurry lift selfie just had to be done! I didn’t take many photos, mostly because we didn’t do very much that really warranted a photograph. We did take ourselves into Antalya one day though, so I’ll put up some more photos our our trip there soon 🙂

Have you ever packed up for a last-minute holiday?

Have you any holidays planned this year?


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