Current Hair Routine

I often get comments about my hair, mostly that it is so long and shiny. To be honest, I don’t really put in much effort; I haven’t ever dyed it and should really get it cut more often (*books hair appointment*). However, I must be doing something right, so I thought I would share how I currently do my hair.

Firstly I towel dry my hair, then run a pump of Aussie Dual Personality through it with my hands before combing it through. I love this product and it has lasted ages, I use it when I’m leaving my hair to air-dry too. Next I like to quickly brush it with a large paddle brush, mine is from Revlon and i ❀ it.

Before blow-drying it roughly with my hands I spray Lee Stafford Blow Dry Faster liberally all over my hair. Then, whilst it is still damp I part my hair and dry it in sections with a small round brush. I prefer to do this without attachments on my dryer. πŸ™‚

Lastly, I spray dry shampoo at the roots and lightly massage it in to give some extra volume which will last through the day.


I usually leave my hair down, and would love some ideas of easy styles for long hair. If you know of any, let me know in the comments!

Also – does any one else get the urge to cut off their hair? I can’t be the only one!

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**Disclaimer: I don’t do this every day. I am a real person and actually have to go to work in the morning and can’t spend this much time drying my hair every day. I tend to choose an extra ten minutes in bed πŸ˜‰

10 thoughts on “Current Hair Routine

  1. I had thought to cut my hair and I did:D One of the easiest but nice hairstyle is low side ponytail, when you have ponytail on your shoulder laying and hair on your head still have volume:D hard to explain, but I’m sure you saw such:)

    1. Ooh, how did you cut it. I think I will cut mine eventually, just want to enjoy my long hair for a while longer, as it took so long to grow! I do love a low side pony too. Xx

      1. I had long time medium-long blonde hair, but then my hair strated to break and I cut it till shoulder, then it grew back again and i kept it lower than shoulders and not long time ago I cut bob with longer sides and now I cut it till my jawline:D I think may be later I will grow it longer again but for now it’s fun:) The only minus for people who are used only to long hair is that you can’t make any ponytail and you need to style your hair.If you have dense hair than it will lay good simply without any effort.:) But short hair is faster to dry in a nice form and it keeps volume much better, if you are a fan of volume:) shoulder length is already shorter but you can still make small ponytail if you need πŸ™‚

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