A blushing disappointment?

Remember my Urban Decay Shattered Face Case? I loved those blushers, and reached for them almost everyday. Until I dropped them and one broke. Well done, Ellie. Sadface.

Result: I need to find a new blusher for my every-day routine. I don’t know about you but whilst I love blusher, it isn’t my favourite thing to shop for. I like matte, rosy, dusky pink colours. My face is afraid of shimmery, glittery blushes because whilst they look pretty in the box, I could end up looking like a dazzling disco ball on a rainy day at the office.

Nevertheless, I went to Boots with hope walked out relatively happy (I may have purchased a few other items too which I have been very happy with!).  I got two blushes which both cost around £7 or £8 each. Shopping my own make-up drawer found another drug-store blush, so here the three are:

Drugstore blush

Maybelline Dream Touch blush review
Maybelline Dream Touch
Loreal Le Blush true rose review
Loreal Le Blush
Loreal Le Blush true rose review
Loreal Le Blush
Bourjois 15 rose eclat radiant rose review
Bourjois little round pot
Drugstore blush review
Top to bottom: Maybelline Dream Touch, Loreal Le Blush, Bourjois Blush

Bourjois little round pot in 15 Radiant Rose: I love the look of the Bourjois little round pots, the packaging is lovely for the price and they are so cute and compact. The mirror inside is useful, but I wouldn’t bother with the brush, which I consider useless. The colour of this blush is nice enough, a deeper pink with a slight shimmer and it does look nice when applied. If only applying it was so easy. The powder is really, really hard and I find it difficult to transfer a decent amount on to my brush. I really prefer makeup that is easier to work with and I don’t think it should take this much effort. Also – this smells awful, (think ‘granny’s dusty perfume’ and you’ve hit the nail on the head). I can’t say I recommend this at all (and I hate saying products are bad!).

Loreal Le Blush in True Rose: This is the first time I have tried a Loreal Blush. I really like the packaging of this one and think it would be great one to keep in your bag, especially as it has a handy mirror underneath and a small (although again useless) brush.  I like this method of storing the brush away from the product, as it keep things tidy and clean. The blush itself is a lovely shimmery pink which I really like,, even though I’m not usually a fan of shimmer in blush. The powder is soft and blendable, it is far easier to apply than the Bourjois pot and gives a really nice lght natural look. I would like it to be more pigmented, but I think its acceptable for the price. There is quite a bit of fall out with this though, and I have it left all over my dressing table when I use it (avoid using near white carpets!)

Maybelline Dream Touch blush: Of all three, this blush is by far my favourite formulation. It is really pigmented and perfect for a dewy, summer look. It lasts the longest by far throughout the day and is really easy to blend. Because it is a cream it does take longer to apply in the morning, and so when I’m rushing out the door I tend not to favour it. It has more shimmer than I would usually wear, but I really enjoy using something different and usually wear this when I want a stronger  blushed look, which I would usually have for evenings or in the daytime paired with a simple floral summer dress.

What is your favourite drug-store blush?


4 thoughts on “A blushing disappointment?

  1. Awesome post! Judging from your Maybelline swatch, it looks amazing! Definitely will be trying it out soon! Do you happen to know what shade you have it in?

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