Live your life on purpose

happy birthdayRight now, I’m sat in my new button-down shirt, jeans and cosy slippers, having just put the central heating back on for the first time, sipping a cup of cinnamon flavoured coffee. It’s officially autumn.

Although we use many times of the year to try and instigate changes, I always think I change the most during September. Whether that’s because it’s also the new school year (even though ‘it’s been a while’ since that affected my life in anyway other than traffic) and I connect that with change, the fact that my birthday is in September and I am reminded that I am not immortal, or the fact that the weather changes (I feel) most dramatically and my favourite season of autumn approaches.

I’ve been reading the Yes and Yes blog recently (seriously it’s ah-mazing – go check it out!) and really love how Sarah ensures she is doing what she wants to with her life, her free time and spends her time doing things that she actually wants to do.  One of the things Sarah does is write a list on her birthday of things she wants to do over the next year. Since discovering this, I knew I also wanted one of those lists (I am a long-time member of the list-lovers club), so since my birthday last month I have compiled my list. Like Sarah I’ve tried to put some of mine into categories, so I didn’t just end up with a list of 30 books I wanted to read,  (I could totally make that list too).

Here we go:


  • Read The Catcher in the Rye
  • Watch Thelma and Louise
  • Watch Almost Famous
  • Read The Selfish Gene
  • Read To Kill a Mocking Bird


  • Go running in the park
  • Complete a 12 week fitness plan
  • Be able to do 20 full push-ups
  • Take a yoga class
  • Try playing squash


  • Make pasta from scratch (again!)
  • Make doughnuts from scratch
  • Try sashimi
  • Do a 3-day juice cleanse

Other stuff

  • make a piece of clothing I can wear
  • Dye my hair
  • Play Ticket to Ride
  • Visit Scotland

Do you make lists like these? What’s
on it?

p.s. I have already made progress with some of these. I’ll update you soon!


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