Weekend Clicks

Hey everyone! I hope you’re not all dreading the return to routine now that the holidays are coming to an end. We had a great Christmas and almost shed a tear when we had to take our beautiful tree down! It’s been incredibly wet here over the past few weeks, some places nearby have even flooded, and it’s meant we’ve spent an awful lot of time inside so I’m currently dreaming of sunny bike rides like in the photo! I’ve put together some links below to things you’ll hopefully like/find interesting. Let me know if you like this kind of thing and maybe I’ll make it a weekly feature!

Still relevant post-Christmas if you’re off sales shopping http://bit.ly/1RjuO9U

I was lucky enough to receive the New York Times 36 Hours: Europe for Christmas which I can’t wait to get stuck into in 2016.
12 hrs also has great itinerries and recommendations for even shorter trips  http://bit.ly/22FVA1I

Everything I am afraid might happen if I ask new acquaintances to get coffee http://bit.ly/1TyhUnH and some other options http://bit.ly/1NZ3H1G

Cookies of the World! http://f52.co/1R5B6eH

I love this shirt and thing it would super nice with jeans/skirt/ anything http://bit.ly/1R9hXJe I also love this doesn’t-go-with-jeans dress http://bit.ly/1O4rdbd

I follow a few health and fitness-related instagrammers and I love their posts. But this http://bit.ly/1Tyicej really makes me laugh.




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