Weekend Clicks

Happy Easter to all of you; I’m not religious but I like chocolate and long weekends so I’m all in.

I’m currently spending a good proportion of the four day weekend working my way through season 4 of House of Cards and have learned that if you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table. Here are some life lessons from Frank Underwood.

Seventeen powerful images showing some devastating effects our species has had on the world. http://bit.ly/1UVdERE

I knew some of these already, but most were news to me! I’ll be especially careful with my stamps in future! http://bit.ly/1RxTTNG

I’m already lusting after warm-weather clothes, even though it’s only just spring. This looks like something I would wear all summer long, but is sadly no longer available in my size. *scours internet for similar* http://bit.ly/1UQFZtK

Easter means acceptable unlimited chocolate eating and hot cross buns. Combine. Embrace. Enjoy. http://bit.ly/1UVfPol



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