Weekend Clicks

Hi everyone! How was your week? The weather in England has seriously improved this week, we’ve even managed to eat in the garden a few times and appreciate all the colourful flowers. Yesterday we drove about an hour away to do a waterfall walk which was beautiful, but there were a LOT of steps involved and that combined with my already sore muscles from leg day means I’m not moving today if I can help it. Anyway, here’s what I’m loving this week…

Protein cookie dough? Please give me this now! http://bit.ly/2aprhdR

This makes me want to get black hardware in my bathroom and this makes me want to paint my door pink.

If I was going on a summer holiday, I would totally be buying this dress.

I lust over everything that appears on Love and Lemons – their new cookbook is top of my wish list! If you want to look at pretty food, or get some healthy dinner ideas then I’d advise hopping on over. Also, many of their recipes are vegan or gluten free (although not exclusively).

There are a lot of Wild Weedles and Rattata around at the moment. I’m still searching for a Jigglypuff though. http://bit.ly/2a7tCp4 Have you caught them all yet?


P.s. It started raining as I finished this. English summer!!



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